Should we call Hand-man or licensed plumber?

The decision of hiring a handy-man or plumber service totally depends on your need, but there is a big difference in both service. Before hiring, make sure that you are fully aware of their services. It’s really a tough job of doing a plumbing service in the commercial and residential area. In our daily routine life, many of us are facing problems, like leakage of pipe, overflow of a toilet and blink an eye electricity. Meanwhile, the handyman and professional plumber consulted at the time of need.

The following are the duty of hand-man and plumber, through which you came to know the difference level.

Duties of hand-man

Before hiring a handy-man, first aware of by their duties. Meanwhile, handy-man are very skillful like

  • Cleanup all outdoor things (include mold removal and pressure washing)
  • Ability to maintain everything like hence and repair drywall
  • Removal of brush and trash
  • Insulation of HVAC
  • Doing paint in home
  • Hanging curtains and pictures in home
  • Knowledge of minor plumbing and electrical work

Duties of plumbers

  • Install, maintain and repair service
  • Provide the potential work
  • Contractor service
  • Worked according to legal service
  • Follow the violation’s rule and regulation.
  • Proper knowledge of water sanitation system
  • Drain cleaning

Is it safe that hiring a handy-man instead of a plumber?

Basically, a handy-man is like who worked from hand and can able to do a simple and different task in any place. In simple words, hiring a handy-man is less expensive than plumber but it has many disadvantages. However, sometimes people prefer handy-man to execute repairs so that their business and home are found in a good condition. The main qualities of handy-man are, repairing different things like windows, door, and cleaning gutters, but the fact is handy-man have no licensed working and have no legal authorities for doing. On the other hand, if we are looking for a plumber than we came to know its more expensive then the handy-man. A plumber has a formal education, licensed for work and have a different theory of working. There are many plumbing codes available according to municipal authorities of different states.

 Typically, a professional plumber required in-field training and have to pass the examination of plumbing. In fact, there is a licensed contractor for plumbing work. The main responsibilities of a plumber are to install them and keep different pipeline fixtures.  The most realistic thing is to call a plumber for different circumstances. Also, a plumber has special tools so that the work can be operated easily. If you want to go further details, you need to check this link that is given below:

It's obvious, that there is a lot of difference regarding handy0man work and plumber work. It’s a beneficial thing that knowing advantages before hiring any professionals because small issues can become bigger.