Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac

Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac

Notepad++ is broadly taken into consideration to be the pleasant textual content editor available anywhere proper now; there are human beings who’ve used it for extra than ten years and who have by no means determined a want to go to any other application for his or her textual content enhancing wishes. Notepad++ is splendid for stripping formatting out of Office documents, as a programming/coding editor, to evaluate HTML files, and a hundred other responsibilities. But it has one massive flaw – it’s a Windows-simplest application. That’s right, there’s no Notepad++ for the Mac, and no plans for there ever to be one – the author of Notepad++ is dedicated to the Win32 API and does now not intend to port Notepad++ over to the Mac. So what’s an Apple consumer to do? What are the alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac?

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Fortunately, there are numerous and some of them are superb packages certainly. In this text, I’ll speak numerous of the quality unfastened and paid options available…in addition to one uncommon however viable scenario.


TextWrangler is no longer evolved but is so top that people nonetheless propose its use. It is essentially the free model of BBEdit which I’ll discuss next. TextWrangler is nearly the same as Notepad++ in that it really works well with code, highlights syntax, can work out languages, works seamlessly with documents, plain text, Unicode and has spellcheck too. Unfortunately, an improvement on TextWrangler stopped in September of 2016, although the program is still to be had on the Mac App Store. TextWrangler is known to be like-minded with macOS versions 10.Nine.5 thru 10.12.6.

BBEdit 12

BBEdit 12 is the top-class opportunity to Notepad++ for Mac and is meant for severe writers, software builders, and website coders. BBEdit12 is compatible with macOS 10.12.6 and higher, and prices $49.Ninety-nine. (Upgrading from BBEdit eleven is $29.99, or $39.99 to upgrade from in advance variations.) At that charge factor, BBEdit 12 gives you a massive array of capabilities and works with Git, HTML, FTP, AppleScript, Mac OS X Unix scripting and an entire host of other neat hints. While the value manner you will most effectively ever use this app in case you’re a severe coder, what it does, it does very well.


TextMate is a heavy hitter in terms of features. It requires macOS 10. Nine or higher, however, has search and update, car indent, car pairing, a clipboard with records, column equipment, multi-language assist, CSS and HTML gear, foldable code blocks and a raft of different sweets. At $ fifty-nine for a complete unmarried-user license, it isn’t reasonably-priced but once more, if you stay in textual content, this app has everything you can in all likelihood want whether or not coding, constructing internet pages or writing your next novel.


Sublime Text three is every other alternative to Notepad++ that receives a variety of recommendations from whomever I ask. It is any other premium textual content editor at $80, although you may download an evaluation copy without spending a dime and use it without paying. Sublime is actively developed, is very customizable, works with all sorts of code, can batch edit, use symbols and all the neat matters you’ll anticipate from a top rate program. The distraction-loose mode works nicely too in case you’re susceptible to procrastination. Sublime is to be had for macOS 10.7 or higher and additionally runs on Windows and Linux.


Atom is often called the free Sublime Text three and to some extent that’s proper. It is capable of many things that Sublime Text three is capable of including customization, code friendliness, wrapping, editing, cross-platform enhancing, car entire, a couple of panes and has a built-in package supervisor for addons. Atom remains exceedingly new but appears to be going down thoroughly with Mac users so far.


Komodo Edit is a code-oriented alternative to Notepad++. It is a lighter model of Komodo’s incorporated improvement environment (IDE), which most effective hardcore coders could ever need. This light model supports a couple of languages, autocomplete, markdowns, add-ons, customizations and greater. It also performs properly with most code kinds and has its very own GitHub web page with a number of packages to apply.


MacVim has been defined as the text editor Unix and code purists use. Whether that’s authentic or not, MacVim is, in reality, an effective text editor. It does much stuff the others in this list do but with fewer menus and distractions. That isn’t to mention it doesn’t have capabilities as it has plenty, however, the UI is stored purposely simple. There are the same old customization alternatives if you don’t like the barebones appearance. It is free and while there’s a chunk of a mastering curve, the investment is outwardly well worth it.


jEdit is our very last standalone alternative to Notepad++ for Mac. It calls itself a ‘mature programmer’s textual content editor’ whatever which means. Despite that, the Java app works across OS, helps macros, languages, plugins, folding, code, word wrap, clipboard records, markers, and masses greater besides. It is unfastened and consists of getting right of entry to a number of plugins and downloads which might be created and maintained by using a group of volunteer builders.


It may be that none of these alternatives will be just right for you because you simply should have Notepad++. Well, there’s one way to acquire that intention. Most Mac users are acquainted with Wine, the Windows emulator that runs on top of macOS and allows Mac proprietors to run (some) Windows packages. Notepad++ has been examined inside the beyond and located to paintings fairly well with Wine. Reports from Wine customers (who keep an in-depth database of utility compatibility assessments) suggest that Notepad++ model 6.1.2 works fairly nicely. Function keys weren’t supported, and automatic app updating changed into not trying out, but the core functionality of Notepad++ labored pleasant.

Since Wine is unfastened, and Notepad++ is unfastened, then it may be well worth the effort to download Wine, download, and spot if you may get the editor to paintings beneath the emulator.

If you are looking for an opportunity to Notepad++ for Mac, there are pretty a few. While some cost cash and are handiest truly worth the funding in case you live in text, others are unfastened and well worth a strive. Each looks and feels slightly distinctive so there is certain to be one here you like. And if all else fails you could always try and run Notepad++ below emulation.

Got some other recommendations for an alternative to Notepad++ for Mac? Tell us approximately it below in case you do!