Tips to get high marks in NTS

If you are here then you are looking for NTS test passing tips to get high marks. NTS have two type of test one is called NAT and other is GAT. NAT is for the students who are seeking for admission in universities and GAT are for those graduates who are looking for higher studies. NTS test consists 100 marks you have to do 100 MCQS in 2 hours. In these 100 questions there are 40 English MCQS and 30 are analytics and 30 are mathematics MCQS. If you want to prepare yourself for NTS test here are some tips to get high marks in NTS test. In case you are looking to apply for NTS jobs then you must follow the tips below.

Best Tips to Get Good Marks in NTS

Tip #1

NTS consist of 60% analytical part increase your general knowledge to get max marks in this part. You can read newspapers, blog and current affairs to increase your general knowledge.

Tip #2

Many students don’t sleep before the exam don’t do this mistake get a good sleep before the test and do some exercise it will improve your productivity in the exam. Don’t forget to pray to almighty Allah for your fate before the exam.

Tip #3

You have to revise the basic Math concepts like percentages, mean and trigonometry. Solve matric and intermediate Math questions as many as possible.

Tip #4

Find NTS past papers and solve them. You can find past papers online. Past papers will help you to get the Idea about NTS exam. You can buy books that will help you to practice for you NTS exam.

Tip #5

Most of the student do this mistake they don’t manage the time properly during the test. First solve the MCQS you know don’t waste your time on the MCQS you don’t know solve these MCQS at the end.

NTS test is not so hard as it seems. You can get high marks by following these tips. Solve the analytical and Quantitative part with extreme care. They are easy and spend more time on these parts.