Advantage of cheap server colocation uk

Why Colococation is important?

Server Colocation may be the right way for businesses to achieve easier management, cost economies, and flexibility for IT workloads. Gartner research predicts that global spending on Colocation services will reach $74.5 billion by 2020.

Transferring your servers off-site to a trusted seller’s facility can enable your organization to keep control over your data, while achieving cost savings and other benefits of a colocated IT infrastructure.

Server Colocation(cheap server colocation uk)ricing may fluctuate considerably, based on a large number of variables which we’ve outlined below.

cheap server colocation uk

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If you believe that Server Colocation is the ideal choice for your small business, you may have started the process of exploring provider and pricing choices. This procedure can be perplexing if you’re a newcomer to Colocation cost study. As there are a number of factors which could affect the price, it’s difficult to provide a single estimate for the cost of Colocation.

If you are wondering how to understand your options, you are in the right place. In this post, you’ll gain insight into the factors which should impact pricing, and some knowledge about how to pick a hosting provider that is high-value.

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Rack Capacity

One of the simplest factors used to figure the price your company pays every month for Colocation services is rack and/or cupboard capacity. This is a dimension of those square feet your servers inhabit at the information centre’s counters and racks. Rack capacity is used by the majority of providers .

When interviewing suppliers, verifying cabinet and rack capacity is vital. No company wants to find out on day that their server measurements are incompatible with the provided racks and cupboards. Remember that the width and depth of your servers must be accommodated for. We’ve had customers bring in equipment that was too heavy or too wide for standard racks/cabinets. This delayed installation as personalization had to meet the needs of the client. Hardware and Care

The care of information can be expensive, for instance, necessary maintenance of hardware for electricity, cooling, and telecommunications. Your pricing will comprise prices to cover using the hardware, infrastructure of the information center, and maintenance to equipment.

Ordinarily, hardware and maintenance fees will be billed at a flat, monthly rate. The prices of hardware and upkeep ought to be simple to understand, and clearly spelled out in a pricing agreement that your company receives from a prospective Colocation vendor.

This really is only one of the principal advantages of colo because power/cooling/telecom service prices are spread out amongst information center tenants, mitigating the price if a customer was financing all those requirements on their own. Connectivity

Generally, most information centers offer high-speed online connectivity to Colocation customers. This may be included in the pricing, or it may be regarded as an add-on service. This could bring about a cost paid for connectivity if your organization requires connectivity for mission-critical workloads.

Depending on the type of connectivity provided by your supplier, you may want to explore whether your company is permitted to”bring your own IP link” by using another Internet service provider. At Atlantech Online, we offer a IP circuit which utilizes the links we have to the web. This helps mitigate price. Normally, bandwidth at a data centre is going to be more affordable than in a consumer site as the local loop costs are not required or are backed into the pricing for the colo.. Bandwidth

Maintaining access to a server in the off-site data center will require bandwidth. Based on how your company is utilizing your servers, these bandwidth demands could be important. Requirements are generally calculated to Colocation fees. A high-quality Colocation provider will work to understand and adapt bandwidth requirements prior to the move-in date. In Atlantech Online, we normally supply 100 Mbps Internet bandwidth service with the expense of colo..


Shifting to Colocation enables your company to share the monthly electricity costs of a hosting provider’s data centre, which can be often important. These electricity costs are calculated into your monthly Colocation bill. But with a Colocation provider, there another power charge that’s linked to redundancy and risk management.

If there’s a power outage, the ideal Colocation provider has a lot of backup plans in place to make sure your organization can keep access to your data resources. Atlantech Online’s data centers in Rockville and Silver Spring, Maryland each have online generators in Silver Spring, the information center has a direct link to a multi-substation grid.

Power requirements will need to be accommodated since the more power used, the more heat generated. Servers can be damaged by generating much heat if you’re in a cupboard. Though using high density is desirable as it costs less when using less rack capacity (see #1 above), it’s counterproductive to pile equipment such that the heat generated cannot be dissipated.

Security and Compliance

With the ideal vendor partnership, your organization can achieve greater data security and fewer risks with a change to Colocation. While no supplier comprises an itemized monthly charge for”safety,” physical protection and compliance are just two things to keep in mind while evaluating pricing and comparing options.

If your company is subject to regulatory requirements, locating a Colocation supplier who will comply with HIPAA, SOX, or other steps is vital. Prospective data centers have up-to-date audits on-hand to demonstrate compliance.

Finally, Make Certain You’re paying for physical security in a prospective data centre by assessing the facility and processes during your excursion and seller interviews:

Up-to-date data center security procedures

24/7 staffing


A change to Colocation can simplify the job of data copies. If you’re thinking about outsourcing copies make certain you’re paying for this aspect of your Colocation costs for risk reduction in trade. Your copies must include remote data storage in the event of a natural catastrophe, and a customer interface for prompt access to retrieval and backup. Data Center Location

Another factor which can have a moderate influence on the price of Colocation Services is associated with geography and property. We view our data centers . If your organization is in the I-270 corridor or within the Washington DC city limits, both centers are easy to access. The Silver Spring data center is on Metro’s Red Line. Rather than taking up office area with associated infrastructure and servers, for most customers, it is logical to get servers nearby in a purpose-built facility that mitigates costs. Support

The quantity and quality of support provided by Colocation providers may fluctuate significantly. To make sure your company has a favorable experience following day, it is essential to be clear with prospective sellers about your requirements and understand how cost quotes interpret to solutions. Is the information center 24/7 that is fully-staffed? Are you going to reach a representative for resolution, if your organization has a query? Support may be offered by some providers as a add on service. It is important to not fully explore service offerings, but assess online reviews to make sure Colocation providers and potential hosting offer you exceptional customer care.


Prior to signing a Colocation arrangement, be sure you know whether you’re signing a lock-in contract. Does your company have the flexibility to scale your solutions during your contract’s duration? Imagine if your bandwidth needs change significantly?

Knowing the flexibility of your seller to customize and scale their services is important, particularly for organizations with strategies to grow and scale their technology. Many businesses discover a need to enlarge their Colocation investment after moment.

Understanding Your Colocation Options

It is important to bear in mind that cost does not always translate to value. It is important to ensure that a prospective supplier features security, redundancy, and service available for the price before you pick a Colocation supplier alone.