Difference between jewelery and jewelry. The fight between the big sister and the little sister
Behind this question there is a historical war, the luxurious and aristocratic jewelry always looking over her shoulder at her brave and beautiful little sister. Years of family battle in which we go today to put a little order, although we notice the colors.

Let’s start at the beginning, we get great and let’s see what the RAE says,


Diamond Jewelry USA

1.  An industry that produces objects of adornment, made of non-precious materials.

So according to the RAE our products are not precious. Hummmm We see what they say about jewelry


As a jeweler

F. Art or craft of making jewelry.
Let’s be more specific, let’s look for jewelry:


Ornament of gold, silver or platinum, with pearls or precious stones or without them.
The key as you can see is in the materials, the jewelry uses metals such as gold or silver and, in many cases they are finished in rhodium-plated bathrooms; while the jewelery uses other metals, less expensive and durable. But beware, also the jewelery can use rhodium, even be plated in 24 carat gold, how many of the products we have in Elíbisú.

If that differentiation in the use of stones is more evident. While jewelry uses natural gems, the pieces of costume jewelry are usually made of synthetic material. Although in honor of the truth has reached such a degree of emulation that many times it takes an expert to know how to differentiate them.

There are two other factors that help differentiate, weight and duration. Genuine jewelry often weighs more and has a longer life. Although it is true that with the tips of care of your costume jewelry that we gave you in this post of the blog (link previous post), you can greatly lengthen the duration of a good costume jewelery.

Definitely. The little sister will never speak ill of her older sister. A jewel has an evident value, that lasts, it is an investment and a luxury. And we’re not going to say we do not love them. Costume jewelery is something else, but do not dismiss it because it can give you much more, or at least, what is certain, much more.