Is there any information to know about makeup preservatives? 

We can clearly say that the German brands were innovative in our community, and that among them Logona laid down the rules of organic cosmetics today. Is this the case for makeup? 
HJ: probably, but what we have worked for above all is transparency towards the consumer concerning the formulations, which has become compulsory. Before, everyone did anything, and said what they wanted with impunity.Today, even pollutants like heavy metals are identified.

So, these first organic makeup products?
HJ: it was a necessarily progressive entry. In the 70s, introducing makeup into the organic world would have been a provocation! Even the first organic sugar was a provocation, in an environment where sugar did not have a good reputation. This was also the case for organic meat, organic coffee, organic brandy or organic animal products… Logona therefore simply broug

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ht in a few products such as foundations, compact powders, and wooden pencils to replace lipsticks. Important beginnings, since it is since this period that we find nutritious waxes in formulations. This search for an alternative took a long time. It is also the fact of a person who fought for this idea, and who had to patiently clear the land to get there. Afterwards, the rest followed.
S: it follows a great principle of Logona and: makeup is also a real care. Lip pencils, for example, are moisturizing, as foundations are also real day creams, etc.

J: it is one of the great specificities of the Logona ranges and that not to use preservatives, even those which are authorized in organic. 
HJ: we have enough experience in cosmetics to cope with the difficulties that can be encountered with makeup. We have taken about fifteen years to learn to work without preservatives and this is a given today, both in cosmetics and in make-up. It is also simpler for makeup, because water is not often present in formulations. The real difficulty is more in the choice of textures, colors.

Certifications have been difficult to develop for cosmetics. What about makeup? 
J: the difficulty comes from French certification: for a product to be certified organic, it must contain a certain rate of plant ingredients. But what if this product is mostly mineral, which is often the case for natural makeup? !

Good… We will now talk about what certainly interests our readers the most, the products and their application. With a little introduction to the SANTE brand, which we know little about…