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Sebago Docksides moccasins are resolutely legendary shoes. Designed to equip sailors and water sports enthusiasts, they have quickly become the benchmark model for boat shoes. Praised for their comfort and their line that is both stylish and relaxed, they are comfortable in town and on the beach. This international success has been built on two fundamentals: impeccable quality and respect for the house spirit. This spirit is the appeal of the sea and freedom, relaxed sportsmanship and a tradition of hand-sewn moccasins dating back to 1946, when sebago boat shoes was created. The quality of the materials is impeccable: full grain leather for the moccasin matrix, and a solid non-slip rubber sole specially designed for navigation.



The distinctive sign of the Sebago Docksides: the famous leather lace that circles the shoe and ties quickly. The brand declines this model in a wide variety of colors and materials, but always with style: discreet or acidulous colors, leather or nubuck, seaside or urban look, everyone can find moccasins at their feet!

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Created in 1946 , the Sebago brand was born out of strong demand from consumers in New England, looking for quality casual shoes.


The first Sebago moccasin model, the “Beef roll penny loafer”, has been made the same way since its creation.


Crafts play an important role. The brand gradually developed in Europe and the United States. It covers major sailing sport events.


Casual leather boat shoes, functional, particularly appeal to vacationers and sailors. Nowadays, the brand offers a slightly more diversified range of shoes with a rather casual style.



The range at Sebago is available in 3 large models:


– Docksides : in smooth or suede leather, with or without cotton canvas yoke, these are classic boat shoes. Classic and summer.


– Citysides : moccasins, another emblematic product of the brand. Available in several colors, several styles and slightly shiny leather.


– Campsides : slightly larger models mounted on thick rubber soles. You will find in particular derby or boots there.


Sebago also does some collaborations: don’t hesitate to take a look. The collection with Pendleton made in 2019 is interesting with the wool panels with americana patterns.


The quality is honest with regard to the asking price : you will find GoodYear sewn or Vibram soles. The leathers are of variable quality, generally acceptable.


The brand logically becomes rather interesting with a discount, during sales periods for example.


To our knowledge, the shoes are currently made in the Dominican Republic.


If you are looking to acquire moccasins or boat shoes, Sebago is an option to consider.


Sebago, a story that has been written since 1946

Born in Maine, in New England, the Sebago brand   bears the name of the lake near which it was born. This universe between land and sea has strongly influenced the style of shoe created by the brand, namely boat shoes allowing use as practical on a boat deck as on dry land. Since its creation, Sebago’s philosophy   has been simple: to make comfortable and quality shoes, corresponding to the lifestyle of the people who wear them. Sebago shoes are still handcrafted today, which is a guarantee of quality unique in the world.