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Operation of a vacuum cleaner with bag (source: INC)

shark rotator professional manual

In general, the references of the bags of the brand of the shark rotator professional manual are given in the instructions for use. If this is not the case, some sites allow you to find a bag reference corresponding to your model by entering the brand and the reference of your vacuum cleaner.

You can also buy “generic” bags sold by competing brands).

The materials have evolved. The traditional paper bag has been competing for a few years with synthetic bags which claim greater filtering properties (filtration of small particles), an anti-odor effect, maintenance of the suction power or even an optimal adaptation to the volume. the vacuum cleaner compartment.

Some bags are fitted with shutters which limit the generation of dust when changed.

Three ranges of “S-bag” bags

s-bag® Classic s-bag® Classic Long Performance s-bag® Ultra Long Performance

1.2 – Bagless vacuum cleaner

It’s the latest technology. The air drawn in at the brush carries the dust through the suction tube. The air flow enters via the outlet of the tube into a plastic tank. A filter placed in the center of this tank retains the vast majority of the dust sucked. Once full, the tank can be emptied directly into a bin.

The air leaving the tank then enters directly into the motor part of the vacuum cleaner.

At the outlet of the engine, a second filter is positioned to filter again the air flow which is loaded with particles of dust from the operation of the engine.

Operation of a bagless vacuum cleaner (source: INC)

The essential role of filters and the ventilation head

Whether with or without a bag, vacuum cleaners work with filters

Filters must be maintained (cleaned or replaced) regularly.

Vacuums generally have two filters:

– the suction filter (or motor) located between the tank and the motor. It protects the latter from the dust sucked in.

– the discharge filter placed between the engine and the air outlet.

It limits the emission of dust into the room, in particular that generated by the wear of the motor coals. Note that some devices are equipped with a HEPA filter (acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air) which guarantees better air filtering quality. But beware for these filters to be effective, the design of the device must not allow air to escape from it without passing through this filter …

Each manufacturer recommends, in the instructions, when to change or clean the filters, do not forget to follow these instructions. The more the filters are changed or cleaned regularly, the better the performance.

The suction head almost alone conditions the performance of the device. This is an essential element. The vacuum cleaner manufacturers generally deliver a combined hard floor / carpet suction head and a special parquet brush. The latter make it possible to clean a beautiful parquet by minimizing the risk of damaging its surface, in return the performance can be reduced (the suction head is less flat on the floor).


Prefer long cables: the longer it is, the less you will need to change your electrical outlets to move forward during the cleaning on Sunday morning …