The Main Types of Home Inspections

Most people, that have either bought a home in the past or that are considering such a purchase, are familiar with Home Inspections. A widely accepted and succinct definition of a Home Inspection is:

A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation.

A thorough home inspection should include a general and visual assessment of all parts of the home in accordance with a set of prescribed or adopted standards. There are different types of inspections…with those different types having a bit more to do with the clients intended use of the home inspection report rather than of any significant variations in the inspection process itself.

Some of the different types of home inspection process in South Milwaukeeas they relate to intended use are:

  • The Pre-Purchase Inspection – This is, by far, the most common type of inspection; it’s performed for and on behalf of a client that is buying a home. They want to know the condition of the home before they buy it…that makes sense, right?


  • The Pre-Listing Inspection – This is an inspection that’s performed for the selling party…the people that might be selling their home. Typically, this type of inspection is accomplished prior to the home being placed for sale on the market. The seller wants to know about the condition of the home so that there are minimal surprises once the home has gone under contract. This type of inspection is sometimes referred to as a Sellers Inspection


  • Consult Inspection – Sometimes, a person might want to know about a particular aspect of their home…they might not want to know about everything that might be wrong but are concerned about a single aspect of a home…say, the condition of the roof. This type of inspection is sometimes referred to a Consult Inspection or a Single-Item inspection and might be appropriate for some people in certain circumstances.


  • New Construction Inspection – This is a very common type of inspection conducted for the buyer of a newly completed home.


  • The 11 Month Warranty Inspection – This inspection is commonly requested by a home-owner who has purchased a newly constructed home and is nearing the end of their 1 Year warranty period. It helps to identify issues that might need to be corrected under the builders warranty program.

Gary Gentry is the owner of Quality Residential Inspections, a Raleigh Home Inspection firm in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is a veteran Home Inspector, having performed many thousands of fee-paid inspections of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.