Review of Thinkware F770 DashCam – Is it worth the money


Watch this movie to find out the essentials F770


The Camera


F750 at a New Body. Even the Thinkware F770 is a version designed to be more laborious. It utilizes exactly the identical video hardware of this F750 but affects the human entire body to be not as noticeable and thinner. Many users have updated their F750 employing the F770 firmware that shows thinkware f770 review did not do a lot of to improve over the F770.M Video Hardware Thinkware employs the elderly Ambarella A7 picture chip when compared with newer A12 processor. Exactly the A7LA85 that’s the model permitting for 1080P recording to back and front camera is used by it.



Deadly & video Quality Videos




Summary The quality is one for Channel cameras below $600. The QVIA Z970 using all the zooming lens might be much improved but the 575 USD price tag is a little much. It does not match the lens that is 100 dashboard cameras we examined. Before channel cameras may approach that degree of grade for a price that is fair, it is likely to be a little while. The tech is.


On certain cameras such as the Yi Dash Cam files can be browsed by you And record at exactly precisely the time but maybe perhaps not the F770. As Soon as You join over WiFi all recording ceases


  • Unfortunately the firmware can’t be updated by you throughout the Program as possible with cameras like Yi and Blackvue. Put it in a card that is formatted, you have to put in a document and then insert it.


  • There is a variety of languages that are and if you Change the setting it’s going to alter the speech that is spoken.


  • You can set Useful in the event the window is tinted.


  • Switching involving parking manners (movement detection, timing Lapse) will demonstrate a prompt allowing you to understand all of parking mode files will probably be deleted . Why it compels you to do so, I really don’t understand. I am happy I backed up my files.


Daily Use


No rate alarms which Provides warnings to you in case you exceed a Set rate. I have found this helpful in Different cameras to Stop highway speeding tickets


  • While the crisis record is Difficult to see you Ca switch the camera off just like different cameras.


  • G-Sensor is beneficial. I’d take the time The best sensitivity with no bulge trigger the detector


  • You can Switch the safety LED from the configurations off it Does not give your camera away


  • Super Night Vision was powerful to wash regions up During left-handed recording


Video Quality


Glass distortion on the borders as the camera will be Near the glass. You can do this.


  • WDR being turned off or on makes no difference that is apparent To my eyes. It has the identical quantity of dynamic and sharpness selection.


Where to Get It?


Viofo Has a Lot of retailers webpage. Wediscuss the vendors and’ll list them below. It is worth paying The extra $10 for your GPS bracket as advantage enhances but it’s not necessary.