What is a real estate agent, what does it do, functions and tasks + Function Manual

Do you know what a real estate agent’s profile is? In order to collect the tasks that we develop in an ordinary way in this work and to tell you the tricks of the professionals who have visited Inmogesco , in today’s article, we will show you what a real estate agent is, what it does, the functions and the tasks and finally we will leave you the manual of functions of a real estate agent so that you can download it in pdf.

What is a real estate agent?

This profession has three main fronts: the commercial, management and negotiation areas. The problem is that we must be good in all three because if we lower the level in any of them, we will never become successful real estate agents.

Coping with dozens of calls, emails, messages, visits, reports and negotiation meetings every day can make us slaves to the urgent, not the important.

Leonardo Cromstedt, who went through Inmogesco to tell us the tricks of highly efficient real estate agents, advised us to divide the day by tasks and plan carefully each day.

The agent should be aware of the ongoing real estate market in the area they work in for instance all the house for sale in Islamabad.

What does a real estate agent do?

The workday begins. Although we make the effort to sort and prioritize tasks, most likely, throughout the day of the real estate agent all are mixed.

A real estate agent should be able to attend to any incident at any time, so most likely you will perform several tasks at once.

But let’s be optimistic for once regarding the functions of each day.

Functions of a real estate agent and tasks

Real estate manager functions, more paperwork than you imagine

Although it seems incredible, in this profession there is a huge volume of paperwork. Presenting offers, preparing contracts, detailing the characteristics of the new properties and managing the ads on real estate portals are some of the tasks and functions of a real estate manager.

For this paperwork no specific knowledge is needed, although it is convenient to know several things in advance:

  • Taxes related to housing.
  • How to write sales and rental contracts.
  • Rights and obligations of communities of owners.
  • Urban leasing law, what is legal and what is not.

In addition to all this paperwork, you will have to deal with another facet, dating.

There is no doubt that the Internet has greatly facilitated the task of managing appointments and conversations with your clients. Thanks to the websites for real estate and online programs, which in addition to facilitating the life of the real estate agent allows you to get to know your clients in depth.

Real estate commercial functions, dealing with customers

In addition to paperwork, a large part of the agent’s time is spent on visits to real estate and dealing with clients.

If you want to know what a real estate agent does, do not doubt that this part can account for 70% of the total work.

This means having good planning that allows you to optimize each agency exit.

Unfortunately, sometimes you will have to prioritize this commercial area over those of management or negotiation, because without visits there are no sales, it is like that.

We have also dedicated time in our blog to ensure that the time invested in visits is quality time.

You will remember how we talked about home staging. This technique allows visits to become sales faster. They even manage to reduce the cuts in the negotiations by 15%, incredible!

It may not be necessary to apply these techniques among the daily tasks of an agent, but you will most likely have to work with professionals in this sector, as it is an increasingly widespread technique.

Our sector has lived a long time at the edge of professionalism, unfortunately. In Inmogesco we have insisted again and again that getting a new customer is infinitely more expensive than loyalty.

Many real estate agents end up having a portfolio of clients that drag when they change real estate.


Because the commercial area is paramount for them, and as they say in the sector “they know how to work for the client”. If you are looking for commercial properties consider Blue World City Islamabad.

Real estate negotiator functions: tug of war

The area that you will have to work has its art.

We have dedicated numerous entries to describe the most effective real estate sales techniques .

These are some of the techniques, which have been more successful among our readers:

  • CIMA model of real estate sales
  • SPIN method, situation, problem, implication and benefit
  • AIDA model applied to the real estate sector

Beyond the sales techniques that you can apply, as you probably know, a real estate agent has to empathize. Identifying with the problems of your customers and knowing how to give a solution is what will make you stand out.

In addition, you should always keep in mind that a negotiation is not a battle. In a negotiation everyone should go home with the feeling of “I have yielded but, I have made a profit.”

We advise you not to look for confrontations, but a process of small agreements that culminates in the closing of the project. If the main obstacle is the price, look for ways to compensate both parties.

Do not millions of deals worth millions of euros close every day? Surely you can get two parts of a negotiation to agree.