What is Real Estate Marketing

What is Real Estate Marketing? Definition and differences between strategy, actions and channels for real estate

As specialists in real estate marketing and development of web pages for real estate , we often talk about different disciplines of real estate marketing: real estate marketing in social networks, online real estate marketing, offline, etc … Today we want to unify all these concepts to define what marketing is real estate We will also tell you how it works

What is real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing is an English word.

It is responsible for analyzing user behavior and aims to attract, capture, retain and retain customers.

You will have heard the expression of “tailor’s box” to describe an imaginary place where elements that have little to do with each other have a place.

Something like this happens to the different versions of real estate marketing that we use in this sector. They have to do, because they are all oriented to the same corporate framework, but the real estate marketing techniques and strategies that are applied according to the channel are very different.

For example, the sponsorship of a expoevent and an advertising banner on the internet are related, because both are designed to promote the same brand like property for sale in Islamabad


At the same time, they are used for different objectives, different channels and under strategies that have nothing to do. They are even launched by very different professionals!

Differences between strategy, actions and real estate marketing channels

As part of our interest in knowing the degree of knowledge that real estate agents have about real estate marketing and what real estate marketing strategies to use, we like to visit LinkedIn forums.

We have realized that real estate agents continually confuse three terms that we want to clarify: Strategy, actions and channels.

To prevent you from falling into this mess of words and definitions, we will present several examples of real estate, with which you will see how it is possible to combine these concepts to sell more.

What is the real estate marketing strategy?

The real estate marketing strategy is nothing but the rationalization of the process that you will follow to achieve a goal in real estate marketing.

For example, if you face the commercialization of a new office building on a rental basis like in Capital Smart City. you can follow one or the other strategy.

All possible strategies may have the same goal, but the ways to achieve it will be very different in one case or another. You won’t get the same with advertising than with a real estate content marketing strategy.

Both are aimed at getting rental agreements closed, but with very different actions.

Depending on the type of real estate marketing strategy you follow, you will launch different actions. To define a strategy, you must take into account the objectives to be achieved, as we have indicated, but also other factors, such as:

Target audiences

If you consider getting an office building, you will not go to families with small children. Instead, you will focus your efforts on reaching directors or business owners based in the area.
This obvious difference between the public that does not interest you and the one that is, is one of the main axes of the real estate marketing strategy.

Value proposal

It symbolizes what your brand or product has to offer and does not have the competition. Although it may not seem like it, it is important, because it determines many of the actions that materialize the real estate marketing strategy.

For example, if the value proposition of the office building that we have set as an example is the location, we will most likely focus the actions in the area of ​​action.

If, on the other hand, what differentiates our product from the competition are communications (internal network, high-speed internet access, etc.) we turn to a specific type of company in the channels in which it will have a presence, for example, social networks.

Finally, if it is a representative building, ideal for law firms or headquarters of international companies, the actions to be taken will be different.

As you can see, the value proposition and the target audience are two of the components of the real estate marketing strategy, although not the only ones.

Real estate marketing actions

Once we have defined what real estate marketing strategies we are going to follow, we must design the actions that allow us to achieve the objectives proposed for real estate marketing.

As we have already mentioned, two strategies can share objectives, it is not incompatible. Ultimately, all strategies aim to increase the company’s sales, directly or indirectly.

To better explain what the concept of “real estate marketing actions” means, we will give another example.

Imagine that your real estate is newly created. In addition to getting new customers, you must make yourself known locally and online.

How will you get it?

Designing and implementing different actions in the physical world and online.

If you want to announce a sporting event on your radio, this will be a real estate marketing action. If, to publicize your real estate online, you create a website, it will also be an action.

The difference with real estate marketing strategies is that they are above the actions, determining where to go and how to achieve the objectives.

Marketing channels for a real estate

In this review of the main differences between the real estate marketing strategy, actions and real estate marketing channels, it is up to the latter.

Social networks for real estate are a channel, such as television or radio. Differentiating very well between channels and strategies is important, and then you will understand why.

You will have heard about the real estate marketing strategy in social networks on several occasions. Although there is a strategy, different techniques can be followed within each channel.

Continuing with social networks, for example, on Facebook, you can follow various tactics. Many real estate agencies make the mistake of publishing several times a day, filling their “auto-pump” wall. It is a real estate marketing technique like any other, although it is not effective.

We, as experts in real estate marketing, like to create a strong community first. And then earn your trust with high value content.

This is what we have done on our Facebook profile and we can proudly say that we have a loyal audience.

The same goes for the rest of the channels that are determined in the real estate marketing strategy. The different techniques used in each channel will also depend on the available budget. A radio wedge is not the same as a press advertisement. They do not have the same efficiency or the same price.

Therefore, the choice of channels in which real estate marketing actions are implemented is preceded by:

  • Where is our target audience?
  • The mentioned budget.

For example, if your company has a presence in the residential sector, you should consider where your potential customers are.

Are they nationals or foreigners?

If they are from abroad, an Ad words campaign  for real estate agents in their countries can be a good channel. And much cheaper than having to hire advertising in print media abroad from Spain.

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Are you clear about real estate marketing and the difference between strategy, actions and channels? Before launching, stop and reflect if the real estate marketing strategy you are implementing is under a good director.

If you need help, Sky Marketing  are here to make your day to day easier. Our real estate marketing agency will help you design a real estate marketing plan. Get in touch with us !