When to Wear (or Not Wear) a Utility Kilt

While the answer is short, it doesn’t make for interesting blog articles. Let’s get into the world of kilts…and men fashion (gasp!) to find out when scottishkiltcollection.com it is appropriate for a woman to wear a utility Kilt.

An utility kilt is made of heavy-duty cotton and not wool. It is available in a range of neutral colors and patterns, so it can be worn for a wide variety of occasions. You wouldn’t want to be “THAT GUN” at a wedding, so we are here to tell you what kilt style is appropriate for different occasions.

1) Casual Wear

It’s casual. This is the casualest of all the dress codes.

The sky is the limit when it comes to casual wear. Comfort is key. Wear your Electric Neon Orange Utility Knit (we don’t sell this kilt), with your Adidas Ultraboosts, or flip-flops. You might be limited by common fashion rules, but we are wearing kilts anyway so it won’t matter. Lol. We can only suggest that solid neutral colors such as Tan, Brown, and Black can make it easier to find more compatible colors for your shirt.

2) Wear work clothes

It doesn’t matter if you are just woodworking in your garage, taking a long hike, or tinkering around with your car. You will find the utility kilt right at home here. Look no further if utility is important for you and your activity. Your workwear should serve a purpose and not be a fashion statement. Don’t forget to dress for the activity. Wear sunblock if you are going outside. This is just a friendly reminder.

3) Smart casual wear

Smart Casual is a step above regular casual wear. Smart Casual is an upgraded version of your casual wear that’s still casual but has a touch of sophistication. Your Utility kilt can be paired with a tshirt or a blazer. This will elevate your kilt’s style.

4) Business Casual

Wait …. What is the difference between Smart Casual and Business Casual?

It’s true. Let’s say so. Even though business casual can be casual, it still needs to have a professional look. You can think of it as if your going to work but don’t have to wear a suit. What if you wore your Metallica or Dragon force tee shirt with a blazer? Yes, but I doubt it.

Business casual is the norm in modern offices. A suit is no longer required. If you are in a more casual setting, a sweater and a blazer can be paired with a neutral-colored utility jacket. If you are looking for a shirt to match, a classic oxford is a great choice. For footwear. For footwear, you won’t be able to use boots or sneakers. Brogues, loafers, or derby heels in matte leather are better options.

5) Business Formal

Okay, now we are going to more formal territory.

A simple button-down shirt won’t cut it at this level. Business formal is appropriate for business events, meetings, and offices that are more conservative. Business formal is intended to be elegant, sophisticated, and, above all, simple. A business-appropriate dress is necessary to dress appropriately for business. A dark-colored, notch-lapel suit might be appropriate. If you absolutely must wear a kilt (and it is), choose a color to match your suit jacket. Select a shirt in a subtle pattern or color. The louder shirts are best for business casuals. For footwear, you can opt for your standard Oxfords. Keep accessories simple and use a leather scarf or kilt hose. It is important to keep it simple.

6) Cocktail Dress

This is the dress code for parties and evening events.

This means that the business formal dress code is no longer subtle. You want to be noticed, not blend in. The perfect jacket to wear with your utility kilt is a slim-fitted suit jacket. Cocktail suits should have a contemporary feel and be tailored for evening. There is a difference. Modern cocktail suits are usually darker in color and have a sheen to their fabric. While I don’t expect you will have a utility skirt made of the same fabric as your suit jacket, it is a good idea to try to match it. A crisp shirt, polished trousers, elegant shoes, a slim tie, and perhaps a pocket square. This would complete the look. Rocking a kilt is a great way to stand out.

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