Windows hosting benefits

The reason why you need to do both! By providing your customers Windows hosting you are opening up your services.


With the continued windows hosting of the internet and the explosive development of Facebook and MySpace (basically 1 page websites), in Heart Internet we’ve discovered every year hosting customers becoming less’techie’ and ever more user established (e.g. Wedding websites, household records, blogs, enthusiast sites…). As this group begins to explore more flexible solutions beyond the limitations of their social networks, many will locate themselves gravitate to brand names they feel comfy.

Businesses/ developers

By the business and more traditional programmer standpoint, Windows programs are ideal choice for people using these features like ASP, ASP.NET & databases such as MS Access or MS SQL. Hosting resellers supplying both Linux and Windows will enable customers to conduct a PHP and MySQL based site right alongside their ASP.Net SQL website, with the added plus of it all being at precisely the same control panel so they don’t have to keep switching between the two.

windows hosting

Like our reseller and shared hosting packages, we have kept our Windows reseller account simple and straight forward, charging a minimal fee which covers all of the extras without surprise fees for basic capabilities. The comparison table below demonstrates how much you can save with Heart Internet’s Windows reseller accounts.

We’ve talked about case sensitivity in the former section. To reiterate, directory and file names are cases. If you name a page Home.html and another page home.html, they will actually be two completely separate pages. People visiting your website is going to need to be careful about this. This does not hold true for Windows web hosting.


The two kinds of hosting are aimed at unique requirements. Some websites are hosted on Windows since their requirements are compatible with Windows. Their sites are typically hosted by big companies because almost all of them have a different need for Windows hosting. People who don’t have a lot of experience with web hosting would be a lot better off with Linux web hosting. Such folks, including small businesses, lack the requirement of the sophisticated features offered by Windows hosting. Consequently, if you have a particular demand for Windows hosting, then it is ideal to choose Windows. But if you’re trying to find a service with less elegance, then it is best to go with Linux.

Ease of use: Linux is also quite easy to use. It even allows you to use Windows-based tools like FrontPage, provided those extensions are permitted. Linus servers allow you to use almost all types of web extensions. Some of the common extensions used on Linux are. html,.cgi, .pl, .php, . Htm,.shtml, and .xml to list a few. In addition to this can be easily hosted on a Windows server. But the reverse is not true.